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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hieronymi Angeriani Erotopaegnion De Pulice

Ctenocaphalides felis, A. I. Blyth, 2007

Hieronymi Angeriani Erotopaegnion De Pulice

Pulchra pulex tenerae penetrat dum membra puellae;
Clamque subit niveum dente premente femur:
Comprimitur digitis, et nigro clauditur orco:
Sed dedit hoc illi distichon alma Venus:
Mortuus hic iaceo, sed non hic mortuus; ardens
Dum premor albenti pollice, vivo pulex.

Girolamo Angeriano (1470-1535), Erotopaegnion On a Flea

A flea makes its way over the fair limbs of a tender girl,
And stealthily, with squeezing tooth, he closes in on snowy thigh.
By fingers he is gripped, and in hellish blackness confined,
But bountiful Venus to him this couplet yields:
Here lie I dead, but here not dead; blazing
As I am squeezed by whitening thumb, I live a flea.

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