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Диалог на пороге

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Vogouls (2) Character, social organisation

The Vogouls are hardly of a middling stature, have generally black hair, and for the most part a scanty beard. They have some traits of the Kalmouks in the style of their physiognomy. They are of a gay disposition, teachable, honest, laborious, and acute; but sloveny and fickle, inclined to be disorderly and passionate to excess. Their women are robest, civil, laborious, and generally speaking well made. (...) They distinguish themselves into tribes or races; and commonly a Vogoul village is only composed of one family, whose chief or elder performs the functions of a staroste or mayor of the village. 

Russia, or a Compleat Historical Account of All the Nations which Compose that Empire. London. Printed for J. Nichols; T. Cadell in the Strand; H. Payne, Pall-Mall; and N. Conant, Fleet Street. 1780. 2 volumes in 8vo. 10 shillings.

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