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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Universality of the belief in hell (1)

Offenditur nationes omnes, quae modo in Universo sunt, conspirare cum antiquis in dogmate de misera impiorum post mortem conditione 

Satis iam constare arbitror communem fuisse apud nationes, quae olim invaluerunt eorumque celebriores Sapientes, persuasionem, superstites esse post mortem animos, eosque pro meritis vel praemio donari, vel plecti supplicio. Reliquum est ut videamus eamdem hodieque vigere apud nationes, quae universum orbem terrarum incolunt: ex quo et quid creditum antea fuerit firmius argumentum sumere licet, et de universali in ea veritate consensu, certius judicare.

 J. V. Patuzzi, De Futuro Impiorum Statu, 1748

Agreement with the ancients as to the dogma regarding the wretched state of sinners after death is to be met in all the nations that now exist in the world 

I think it is now sufficiently established that among the nations that were powerful of old and among their famous wise men there was a general belief that souls live on after death and are given recompense or punished with torment according to their merits. As we may see, the same belief still thrives among the nations that today inhabit all the lands in the world: whence it is justified to take as the stronger argument that which was formerly given credence, and to judge with more surety from the universal agreement in its verity.

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